Dos and Don’ts of Hiring a Party Bus

All around the United States, party bus rentals are becoming more and more popular. Of course, there is a reason for that. You can make any special occasion a wonderful and memorable one if you hire a party bus. You and your guests can have an excellent time inside it.  

However, there are things that you have to keep in mind. If you want to guarantee an excellent experience with a Party Bus Rental San Antonio, here are several dos and don’ts.  

Do Ask Questions 

You have to ask questions from the company before you rent a party bus for any occasion. This is crucial to guarantee the safety of your guests. Think about asking the company about the model and condition of the party bus. You should also ensure that the service provide has properly maintained and modern party buses. 

Do not hire a party bus from a service provider if their vehicles are more 10 years old. It is also crucial to know if the drivers of the company are professional and registered.  

Do Get a Written Contract 

Though it isn’t required, a written contract will make sure that the cost and service are according to what you had agreed. The contract should consist of words such as tipping policy, party bus rate, and required deposit.  

In addition to that, the party bus rental agreement has to include the extra services such as entertainment systems, chilled beverages, and much more. 

Do Try to Be On Time 

Another crucial point with regards to party bus rentals is that you need to be on time always at the designated place for drop off and pick up. You’ll have to ensure that every single one gets on board as soon as possible because the party bus rental provider charge an hourly rate for the party bus. This will make sure that the party bus rate stays within the agreed budget. 

Don’t Bring Extra Individuals for the Ride 

You have to remember that all party buses have a certain limit as to the number of guests it can hold. Almost every party bus has space for 20 up to 30 people. A complete-size coach bus has enough space for around 50 people. Before you bring any extra individual for the ride, it is crucial that you ask the party bus rental service provider about the maximum passenger capacity of the car.  

Don’t Hire the Party Bus at the Last Minute 

Typically, it is best to think about hiring the party bus about a month before the occasion. People often leave the booking at the last minute. However, you should not do this. This is particularly true during the busy time of the month. Most party bus rental companies are fully booked. That’s why you need to book the party bus at least one month before the event. This will help you prevent any inconvenience in looking for the party bus that suits your needs. Booking a couple of months is also ideal.  


Advantages and Disadvantages of Various Mulches

For almost every gardener, mulch is one of the best weapons. Applying mulch over the soil once clearing out weeds of a garden or finishing a new landscaping project has a lot of advantages. This includes a unified look to the landscape, tidy appearance, reduces evaporation, and suppresses weeds. In addition to that, a lot of mulches also enhance soil fertility and structure.  

Whenever you ask a Lawn Service San Antonio for mulches, you will be given a lot of options. Today, we are going to help you by breaking down the advantages and disadvantages of different mulches.  

Gravel and Rock 

  • Advantages – Lasts long and does not break down. 
  • Disadvantages – Lasts long. It does not enhance the soil. Hard to plant in or remove. 

Cocoa Hulls 

  • Advantages – Smells great (chocolate). Not prone to fading. Attractive color and fine texture. 
  • Disadvantages – Expensive. Might develop mold in hot humid areas. Toxic to pets. Blown by wind easily. 

Pine Bark Nuggets 

  • Advantages – Lasts long (larger nuggets last longer). Appealing. Excellent weed suppressor. 
  • Disadvantages – Prone to washing away in heavy rain or tumbling down slopes. 

Wood Chips 

  • Advantages – Sometimes offered free from utility firms or local tree service companies. 
  • Disadvantages – Fresh chips can deplete nitrogen. Might contain species toxic to humans (poison ivy) or plants (black walnut). It might be acidic. 

Shredded Bark 

  • Advantages – Cheap. Available widely. Often a sustainable use of byproducts from wood companies. Stays put on slopes. Slowly breaks down relatively.  
  • Disadvantages – As it decomposes, it can deplete nitrogen content from the soil. 


  • Advantages – Cheap if you make it your own. Rapidly improves the soil. Dark color beautifully sets off plants.  
  • Disadvantages – Extremely short-term weed suppressor. Quickly breaks down. 


  • Advantages – Lasts longer compared to grass clippings or leaves. Excellent coverage. Appealing color. 
  • Disadvantages – Prone to weed seeds. It can cause more serious issues than it solves.  

Pine Needles 

  • Advantages – Improves acidity that benefits a couple of plants (azaleas, rhododendrons, blueberries, and a couple forms of conifers). Slow to break down. Excellent on slopes. Stay well in place. Excellent weed suppressor. Free. 
  • Disadvantages – Soil acidification. Prickly to work with. 

Grass Clippings 

  • Advantages – Adds nitrogen to the soil. Free. 
  • Disadvantages – Do not utilize clippings from a chemically treated yard. This is particularly true in vegetables. Quickly breaks down. Should be dried before using to avoid rot and matting. 

Fallen Leaves 

  • Advantages – Free. Shred them using a weed eater or a power mower. You can also allow them to dry until they are crumbly. In addition to that, you can pile them and allow them to decompose for 12 months or more before you apply them. 
  • Disadvantages – They will rot and mat if they are not shredded and if they are damp. They are prone to blowing away if they are extremely dry and light. A couple of leaves, such as black walnut, provide toxins and have negative effects on a couple of plants.  

These are some of the advantages and disadvantages of various types of mulches. If you don’t know which type of best for your lawn, you can always contact an arborist for help.  


Shade Trees for Your Home

For those who don’t know, the right shade tree and proper landscaping design can help keep your home cooler. It also helps keep harsh sunlight away during the summers.  

In addition to that, shade trees are more successful in keeping houses cool compared to blinds or curtains. Furthermore, they also help in lowering energy consumption. According to a study, you can save around 25% annually in utility bills if you have well-placed shade trees.  

If you want to plant a shade tree in your property, you’ve got to keep in mind that you’ll have to hire Tree trimming San Antonio more often. 

If that does not bother you, here are a couple of shade trees for your house: 

American Plane Tree 

This tree is also known as the sycamore. It’s a fast-growing shade tree. It has mottled and whitish bark. You can usually find them near lakes and ponds and grows pretty huge and tall. It is able to grow as much as 5 feet every year. It typically reaches a height of more than 70 feet. 

If you are looking for a tree that grows to an excellent height and offers the right amount of shade, this tree is ideal for you. However, not every lawn is suitable for an American plane tree to be planted.  

Weeping Willow 

The weeping willow has yellow twigs and green foliage. Sometimes, they are seen as the first sign of the arrival of the spring season. This tree can grow at a rapid rate and can reach heights of around 25 up to 45 feet. You can maintain them easily and sometimes lend themselves to being planted in a small clump of individually. You can usually find them near lakes, rivers, and ponds. 

Dawn Redwood 

This type of tree has a luscious green foliage and elegantly colored bark. Dawn redwood trees rapidly grow to extremely tall heights. They are typically pyramidal in shape. They provide an improved aesthetic appeal whenever you plant them in line.  

This tree can grow from 60 up to 90 feet in height. They also do not need much maintenance. However, you might have to do many cleanups since these trees drop their leaves every winter. 

Tulip Poplar 

One of the ideal shade trees for a home is tulip poplar. They are also known as one of the tallest shade trees. They can reach up to 100 feet high. Tulip poplar also has a beautiful flower and leaf shape in the spring. Regardless of the landscape, they offer great shade because of their leaf shape.  

Paper Birch 

This tree is also a shade tree that grows rapidly. A paper birch tree reaches a height around 35 up to 75 feet. In addition to that, it has a white bark that immediately adds to the beauty of your landscaping. This is particularly true if the tree begins losing its leaves during the winter.  

This tree is best when planted in clumps. They can also work as a woodland garden. Paper birch prefers well-drained soil. However, they can still survive drought.