The future of air travel

Air travel is arguably the most luxurious and efficient means of traveling, especially over long distances. Well, it is about to get even better. The aerospace giant, Boeing, teamed up with the maker of the automated drones, Aurora, in a bid to automate airliners. Their combined strength will see to it that developments are made in both the military and commercial systems at quite an astonishing pace. In fact, some tests are already being carried out in Dubai, on an air taxi. The air taxi is more like a big automated drone, which can carry a maximum of two passengers over short distances. Automation in the aviation sector will bring a wide variety of benefits with it, some of which are highlighted below.

Top benefits of automated taxi flights


Safety is probably the main benefit that we will gain from automated flights. However experienced a professional pilot is, there is still a chance that he might make an error, which might turn out to be quite costly. With automated aircrafts, no pilot will be needed. The crafts will also follow predefined airways accurately and at the right speed. Automation greatly relies on sensors. The aircrafts will thus be able to detect any potential threat that may lead to an accident, including external factors and plane mechanics. This will greatly reduce the chances of an accident occurring.


Automated taxi flights offer a lot of conveniences compared to its alternatives. You can decide when you wish to travel and keep your own time, as opposed to relying on the schedule of the pilot. The taxis will also not need to operate from the major airports. This means that you can choose a landing space that is a lot closer to your destination. They will be more comfortable and less noisy as well.
Disadvantages of the automated taxi flights
Automated air taxis will be a major leap forward, but comes with its own disadvantages as well. Some of the top disadvantages are highlighted below.


ugyldr6tyt5ri6t7iuThe flights will be relatively more expensive compared to the other commercial flights. With a maximum of only two passengers per trip, the charges will have to be enough to fuel and maintain the air taxis. This should not be a major concern as you get value for your money from the convenience offered.

Capacity limit

The number of people who can travel per trip is only two. This means that traveling as a unit if you are more than three people will not be possible.