Shade Trees for Your Home

For those who don’t know, the right shade tree and proper landscaping design can help keep your home cooler. It also helps keep harsh sunlight away during the summers.  

In addition to that, shade trees are more successful in keeping houses cool compared to blinds or curtains. Furthermore, they also help in lowering energy consumption. According to a study, you can save around 25% annually in utility bills if you have well-placed shade trees.  

If you want to plant a shade tree in your property, you’ve got to keep in mind that you’ll have to hire Tree trimming San Antonio more often. 

If that does not bother you, here are a couple of shade trees for your house: 

American Plane Tree 

This tree is also known as the sycamore. It’s a fast-growing shade tree. It has mottled and whitish bark. You can usually find them near lakes and ponds and grows pretty huge and tall. It is able to grow as much as 5 feet every year. It typically reaches a height of more than 70 feet. 

If you are looking for a tree that grows to an excellent height and offers the right amount of shade, this tree is ideal for you. However, not every lawn is suitable for an American plane tree to be planted.  

Weeping Willow 

The weeping willow has yellow twigs and green foliage. Sometimes, they are seen as the first sign of the arrival of the spring season. This tree can grow at a rapid rate and can reach heights of around 25 up to 45 feet. You can maintain them easily and sometimes lend themselves to being planted in a small clump of individually. You can usually find them near lakes, rivers, and ponds. 

Dawn Redwood 

This type of tree has a luscious green foliage and elegantly colored bark. Dawn redwood trees rapidly grow to extremely tall heights. They are typically pyramidal in shape. They provide an improved aesthetic appeal whenever you plant them in line.  

This tree can grow from 60 up to 90 feet in height. They also do not need much maintenance. However, you might have to do many cleanups since these trees drop their leaves every winter. 

Tulip Poplar 

One of the ideal shade trees for a home is tulip poplar. They are also known as one of the tallest shade trees. They can reach up to 100 feet high. Tulip poplar also has a beautiful flower and leaf shape in the spring. Regardless of the landscape, they offer great shade because of their leaf shape.  

Paper Birch 

This tree is also a shade tree that grows rapidly. A paper birch tree reaches a height around 35 up to 75 feet. In addition to that, it has a white bark that immediately adds to the beauty of your landscaping. This is particularly true if the tree begins losing its leaves during the winter.  

This tree is best when planted in clumps. They can also work as a woodland garden. Paper birch prefers well-drained soil. However, they can still survive drought.  

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