Tips on choosing the best virtual office

Virtual offices have become the most preferred kind of offices because if the benefits they have to business owners who use them. Most business owners have resorted to using virtual offices because they are highly convenient and efficient. A virtual office is an office space serviced to present professional image without too much expense. A virtual office can be a furnished office or answer calls in the company name. If you are planning to own an office, you should consider renting one from virtual office Dallas which has one of the best-serviced offices and amenities. Choosing virtual office can be tricky, but in this article, we take you through some of the tips you could use to identify the best office space.

Consider the flexibility

Before you can decide to rent any virtual office, you should determine whether the office is flexible. Flexibility yrghfhgnimplies that in case you wish to make expansions you will be able to do it freely. It is, therefore, crucial you find an office provider who will be willing to assist you in meeting your needs instead of you squeezing this into your burden. On the other hand, you will need to know the period you would wish to be accessing the office, for instance, you can determine whether you would wish to access the space all day al just for the eight hours of business.

Check on technology advancements

an excellent virtual office should have a good state of the art of technological benefits. The office you wish to rent should have faxing and printing services, high-speed internet, virtual assistant services and office phone line. Some can provide office providers will even higher more than these office technological facilities.

Consider the location and address

trgfhdhThe location and address of a virtual office are essential when you are looking for a perfect office space. A virtual office in an excellent location will be a great benefit to you because your business will have access to prime business addresses. Similarly, a good location for your virtual office will make meetings convenient and pleasing. A good location for your office will attract more clients hence will enable your business to do great and grow.

Check on the amenities

When you want to have the best virtual office, you should check on the available amenities within the location of the office. Ensure you will have access to member lounges, meeting rooms and even community cafes. Similarly, you can consider office equipment like color copiers, scanners, shredders and even fax machines.…


How to Choose the Best Towing Company

Most car owners do not expect their cars to get stuck or break down unexpectedly. But if any of these happens, you are only left with one option of calling a towing company. However, most of the challenges that most car owners face by calling any towing company is that they can come too late, charge too high or they are too rough with the car. Therefore, to avoid such, you need to choose the best towing company that you can rely on anytime you are in need. Below are some of the tips that will help you to select the best towing company.

Condition of the towing vehicles

yhtrfsdzxcvbnnjWhen you are looking for a towing company, never make a mistake of selecting a group without checking on the condition of the vehicles that are used. You need to avoid some of these firms that will do more harm than good by checking all the vehicles that they use. You need to be sure that your car is safe in the company’s hands more especially when they have taken your vehicle. Therefore, make sure that you inspect the vehicles that are available before you make your final decision.


After you have got stuck on a road, you need to call a towing company, and a professional or a qualified firm should be able to give a response time that you should expect them. Some companies are not reliable. First, before you decide to hire a company, you need to ask them about their response time. Choose a company that offers 30 to 45 minutes of response time.

Open 24 hours?

When you are looking for the best towing company, it is essential to select one that offers 24-hour services. Since you never know when your tires need changing or when your engine may pack, it is vital to ensure that you have chosen a company that will be at your services any time of the day. For example, towing Richmond Hill is one of the best companies that offer 24-hour towing services.


oiuytrfdxcvbnThis is also another way you can use if you want to select a tow company. You can use the internet to research on some of the best towing companies, and you will find some reviews from real life clients who have explained their charge, experiences and even their professionalism. If you find that these reviews are right, then you can decide to go for that particular towing company.…


What to Gift Your Friend

I don’t know about you, but giving a gift is one of my favorite thing to do. The satisfaction that you get out of seeing someone’s happy face when receiving and opening a present is one feeling that nothing else can compare to and that is why many people take gift giving seriously. Despite what you think or feel about it, you do not want to spend your cash on something that the person does not want or need because that will just be a waste of money. Take your time in considering what to buy starting with looking for the person’s interest. From there, there are many gift ideas that you can give based on a hobby.

Eating and cooking

For someone who loves culinary, sure you can give them food or a voucher for their favorite place to eat, but that is a lazy gift, and it won’t last very long. Instead, why don’t give them kitchen utensils that they do not have yet since those items can be quite expensive to buy on their own. Meat Geek present many grill gift ideas that can be a great present, and if you can not afford in on by yourself, you can always ask friends to join and chip in for something that would be useful for the long term.


animalA note that you must take and never forget is never to gift anyone a pet as their present even if the person says they wanted it. Unless the person is already taking care of a pet at the moment and want a company, then it can be an exception. Rather than giving someone a pet that can cost them a lot in the long run, why not give them books about animals or a ticker for the nearest safari tour near them. Any animal enthusiast will never find a place like wildlife center, safari, and zoo a boring place.


headphoneWith music, you sort of need to know more about what the person’s love and want to have. It can be a disaster if you buy someone a pop music sheet when the person is into Bach. Music instruments can cost a lot, and if you are not comfortable with choosing that for your friends, there are other things that you can give as a present. A safe way is to opt for high-quality headphones, earphones, speaker, and music gadgets that anyone would have wanted regardless or their music genre.…

Barbecue Grill

Why Electric Barbecue Grills Are the Best

Various achievements may require one to hold celebrations. Upon attaining specific targets or reaching a particular milestone, you can hold a party to commemorate such a special moment. Some of the big moments you can celebrate in your life include birthday, graduation and job promotions. There are other general events like Independence Day and public holidays which you can mark with a party. During such celebrations, there is eating and merrymaking. Barbecuing is known to be the best for such parties. It involves the use of a grill to cook certain types of food. There is a variety of barbecue grills you can use for your party.

Visit for a review of some of the best grills you can use for your barbecue party. The common types include the charcoal, gas,Electric Grill electric and portable grills. The charcoal grill operates by the use of charcoal. Most people prefer using it because of the natural smoky taste it leaves on your barbecue. The only challenge you might face is getting it ready for use because it might take a lot of time. Gas grills are easy to start and are good for indoor parties. The portable ones which can be carried operate by the use of charcoal or propane. Most people also prefer electric barbecue grills because of the benefits that come with their use. Here is why electric barbecue grills are the best:

Easy to clean

One good thing about electric barbecue grills is that they are easy to clean compared to the others. The fact that it operates by the use of electricity means its chances of getting stained are hard compared to the charcoal grill. There is no soot and they produce less smoke during the process, which makes it easy to clean them.

Saves you money

Cooking GrillUsing the electric barbecue grill will see you spend less. Purchasing charcoal or propane to light up your grill might be a little bit expensive compared to the use of electricity. The price of this types of fuel may also rise with time. You should opt for the electric barbecue grill to save money when it comes to the use of fuel.

Easy to operate

The electric grill is easy to operate compared to the other types. There are no complicated features in this kind of grill. You will find buttons each with its use indicated on them. They do have a user manual which guides you on the mode of operation. Getting it ready is easy compared to the charcoal grill which might take your time.…

Benefits of Using the Best Litter box for Your Pet

When you decide to keep a pet, you should be aware that it comes at a cost and you will have to accept this. Besides dedicating some portion of your time to make sure that your pet is kept comfortable, it is essential that you make some investment in some pet accessories for its health and comfort. Among the most popular pets are cats and dogs. When it comes to dealing with such pets, the litter box is one accessory that you should put into consideration.

Even though these pets are disciplined, you should be aware of the fact that they will use whatever you provide for them as a litter box. One of the major characteristics of the best litter box is that it should be automated and self-cleaning. Below we discuss in detail, some of the benefits that one can get from using the best litter box for their pet.

Maintenance of hygiene

When you use the best litter box for your pet, which is usually automated thus, self-cleaning, you would definitely have said goodbye to scooping any dirt. You will not have any problems dealing with the litter as it is automated to clean itself after the set time. Even though the best litter box, which is automated, can slightly cost more than the ordinary ones, the benefits that you will get from it will be more than the initial purchasing cost.

No more scooping reminder

The imagination of coming home with visitors while you have not done the scooping of your pet’s poop for days can be a thing to worry you. If yours is not an automated self-cleaning litter box, you will have to contend with the constant reminders. Otherwise, if you do not have them, you will experience a very unpleasant odor.

However, if you want to do away with all this, you can avoid it all by using the best litter box which is usually an automated one. The best part of using the best litter box for your pet is that most of these devices are sophisticated thus, have various settings that will suit your needs. All you need to do is set it as per the intervals you want it to self-clean and the number of pets that use it.

Ensures pet’s comfort

It is natural for humans to forget and if you are not using the best litter box that is self-cleaning, your pet is likely to feel some discomfort when it steps on the prior mess. This can prompt it to jump out and mess anything that is on its way. That is why it is advisable that you go with the best litter box on the market as it will ensure maximum comfort to your pet.…


Cryptocurrency platforms today – focus on Bitconnect

Sometimes, you have to lend money to make money. However, you must be cautious to avoid falling prey to fake websites. The cryptocurrency world has witnessed spectacular growth throughout the last six months. We have witnessed the astronomical rise of the Bitcoin, which now rests at an all-time high. There are many sites today that target rookies into cryptocurrency world. To prevent falling prey to scams, you should educate yourself on just how Bitcoin works. Check out reviews of people who have tried out many of these cryptocurrencies and can provide opinions from informed points of view.


Should I go for it?

There are several places where one can borrow money. This might be lending institutions, banks, car note loans or payday loans. The purpose of lending out loans is to make a profit. The borrower is the party that remains disadvantaged as the terms are drafted carefully to ensure the lender remains advantaged. You can rest assured that the Return on Investment will be in your favor. Provided you are comfortable lending out money that you can afford to lose, this is a suitable business opportunity.


What is the Bitconnect platform?

Having a name closely related to Bitcoin, the name might be a little confusing. Their website is neatly organized and very informative. Some of the offerings provided on Bitconnect include stake, invest, trade and mine. Each one of these is a fundamental part of the website. For more, click here.


Bitconnect – investing

Of all the parts of that this website laid out, investing seems to be the most controversial. For one, many consider this as a scam. Online, there are thousands of reviews by people who share their opinions; some are legit, while others are false. Bitconnect explains their investing part as a viable investment that allows the investor to receive daily profits from their volatility software and trading bot. Upon completion of your investment term, you are at liberty to receive your initial capital injection back. What this means is if you invested $1000 and it grows to $1400, you can only get back the initial $1000 you put in. The rest remains in your capital account, gaining interest daily.


Other lending approaches

The platform offers its visitors’ affiliate marketing opportunities. You receive a unique affiliate link that earns you money when people sign up for it. After the sign up, you receive bonuses. Another aspect of lending is re-investing. People invest their earnings here as a microloan and begin earning interest. You have to wait for the end of a return cycle though.


Bitcoin in a nutshell

Cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, still lure investors with the anticipation of huge rewards. In equal measure, they scare away others as they are high-risk investments. Cryptocurrencies are quite volatile though. It can plummet to 25% and rise instantaneously 100% later. The uncertainty and volatility provided by cryptocurrencies are what brings about the diverse opinions among investors. The currencies have turned hackers and other fringe internet characters into millionaires overnight. Many conventional money experts argue that it is doomed to fail as it is a currency administered without any form of regulations.…


Top reasons to drink sufficient water

To maintain good health, you must ensure that you drink sufficient amounts of water on a daily basis. The water should be clean and suitable for human consumption. The daily intake amount should be based on body weight and gender. Men are required to consume more water compared to women, due to the muscular nature of their bodies. As per the National Academy of Medicine, a man should consume an average of 3.7 liters of fluids per day, while that for women is 2.7 liters.
Non-alcoholic and non-caffeinated drinks as well as foods that are water-laden such as apples, cucumbers, carrots, celery, and raw broccoli, also contribute towards the daily fluid intake amount. You can know if you are consuming sufficient amounts of fluid by simply examining the color of your urine. If the color of your urine is almost clear or light yellow, it means that you are well hydrated. Darker colors mean that you should drink more water. Feeling thirsty also means that you should drink more water.

Benefits of drinking enough water

Control of calorie intake


Water can play a major part in controlling amount of calories that you consume. Dehydration can give you the feeling of hunger, which will make you eat more than you usually do. Drinking water just before eating will also make you feel full, which in turn makes you eat less. The overall result is that you will control your weight, which comes with a variety of other health benefits.

Joint lubrication

Water can help to lubricate and cushion your joints. This allows you to engage in physical activities with ease and without any pain. You can thus exercise more and reap more of the benefits of working out. Dehydration will, on the other hand, leave you feeling unmotivated and tired when exercising, in addition to the aches in your body joints.

Improved urinary tract health

Being well hydrated helps to maintain your urinary tract in a healthy state. It reduces the chances of you getting an infection among many other health conditions. Without enough fluid in your body, the minerals and salts in your urine will crystalize, causing you to experience kidney stones.

Better digestive function

Your digestive track will move smoothly if you are well hydrated. Lack of enough fluids causes your body to get more fluid from your stool. This, in turn, causes constipation and other digestive problems.…


The future of air travel

Air travel is arguably the most luxurious and efficient means of traveling, especially over long distances. Well, it is about to get even better. The aerospace giant, Boeing, teamed up with the maker of the automated drones, Aurora, in a bid to automate airliners. Their combined strength will see to it that developments are made in both the military and commercial systems at quite an astonishing pace. In fact, some tests are already being carried out in Dubai, on an air taxi. The air taxi is more like a big automated drone, which can carry a maximum of two passengers over short distances. Automation in the aviation sector will bring a wide variety of benefits with it, some of which are highlighted below.

Top benefits of automated taxi flights


Safety is probably the main benefit that we will gain from automated flights. However experienced a professional pilot is, there is still a chance that he might make an error, which might turn out to be quite costly. With automated aircrafts, no pilot will be needed. The crafts will also follow predefined airways accurately and at the right speed. Automation greatly relies on sensors. The aircrafts will thus be able to detect any potential threat that may lead to an accident, including external factors and plane mechanics. This will greatly reduce the chances of an accident occurring.


Automated taxi flights offer a lot of conveniences compared to its alternatives. You can decide when you wish to travel and keep your own time, as opposed to relying on the schedule of the pilot. The taxis will also not need to operate from the major airports. This means that you can choose a landing space that is a lot closer to your destination. They will be more comfortable and less noisy as well.
Disadvantages of the automated taxi flights
Automated air taxis will be a major leap forward, but comes with its own disadvantages as well. Some of the top disadvantages are highlighted below.


ugyldr6tyt5ri6t7iuThe flights will be relatively more expensive compared to the other commercial flights. With a maximum of only two passengers per trip, the charges will have to be enough to fuel and maintain the air taxis. This should not be a major concern as you get value for your money from the convenience offered.

Capacity limit

The number of people who can travel per trip is only two. This means that traveling as a unit if you are more than three people will not be possible.


Magazine Association of the Southeast

Magazine Association of the Southeast
MAGS 2005 – 16th Annual Conference
Golf Outing, May 3
GAMMA Awards dinner, May 4th following the conference

Marriott Atlanta, Century Center
2000 Century Blvd, NE, Atlanta, GA

The Annual MAGS Conference is the Southeast’s premier educational,networking and career-building event.

The MAGS Conference features top magazine publishing consultants, award-winning editors, designers, creative directors and industry experts in sales and production cost control, ancillary products and web-related issues. Our speakers work with such publications as Fortune, Health, The Wall Street Journal, National Geographic, Kids, Cooking Light and a myriad of business-to-business and custom published titles.

Missouri School of Journalism’s Don Ranly will kick off the GAMMA Awards Dinner with “This Job of Ours.” Good times, bad times, deadlines, bottom lines! What drives us on in this maddening profession of ours? Is it that we can’t do anything else? Probably so! We love it!

The GAMMA Awards Dinner
A GAMMA Award is a coveted recognition of a magazine’s writing and design efforts. The competition is stiff, and the judges are the best in the business. The dinner is sponsored by Publishers Press, St Ives, Inc. and United Litho.

The Trade Show
MAGS’ Trade Show increases in size each year! Here’s where you can see new technology, and discover new vendors from printers to paper manufacturers to software and hardware, for all facets of your business.

The Golf Outing
Now in its eighth year, the MAGS Golf Outing is an enjoyable way to spend the afternoon with some of your friends and associates in the publishing community. Best-ball format makes play fun for duffers and pros.

New! Sign-up Online, Credit Cards Accepted!
Attending a conference function is easier than ever before with our new online sign-up feature. Simply log onto, enter your choices, then expedite the whole matter via credit card. No more waiting for checks from the Accounting Department.…